A British Classic From Zero West Watches

A British Classic From Zero West Watches

Zero West have created a classic British watch brand that celebrates great moments in history through innovative design and engineering.

They had a clear vision of what Zero West represented and knew they possessed the collective skills – i.e. engineering, design, manufacturing and marketing – to turn that vision into reality.

Their first step in the design process was to research watch movements and after extensive evaluation, they decided to base their designs around the superbly engineered and highly developed Swiss ETA movement range.

Next they set about styling and designing their range of highly engineered and ergonomically optimised watches. The vision had to encompass their extensive expertise in aerospace and luxury product design and manufacturing arenas. Their criteria was to design watches that could survive harsh military environments whilst being beautifully styled. 

The case components are fully machined from aerospace grade materials using state-of-the-art multi-axis computer controlled machines, which enable them to repeatably manufacture to the highest standards and tolerances. Completed machined parts are entirely hand finished by craftsmen and women to bring them to a flawless polish.

Sapphire glass scratch resistant crystals are custom made to their design and exacting specification with double matched convex curve, thus minimising optical distortion. An anti-reflective coating is applied to the inner surface of the glass to reduce glare and reflections.

Dials and hands are designed in-house and manufactured to the very highest standards. Parts undergo rigorous inspection during all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that every part is defect free. Where the designs include luminous features, they specify and use only genuine Swiss Tritec X1 Super-Luminova pigments so that the watches have the best possible afterglow performance.

The results speak for themselves in their un-compromised drive for perfection and quality in the Zero West brand.

For more information please visit https://zerowest.watch

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