Art In Motion From Raketa

Art In Motion From Raketa

Raketa has transformed a watch into ‘art in motion’ with its new Avant-Garde timepiece. The watch follows this strong Russian pioneering tradition in avant-garde art and Raketa’s tradition of dabbling with the unconventional. 

Avant-garde art is all about having a different vision of the future, free from the shackles of conventionally accepted rules. At the beginning of the 20th century, Russian artists such as Malevich and Kandinsky moved away from mainstream classical art towards a radically new vision of art characterised by colourful abstract shapes. Unlike classical art where the artist usually imposes on you a certain message, this new form of art gives you absolute freedom of interpretation. It is time to be avant-garde with this limited edition of the Raketa ‘Avant-Garde’!

It experiments with colourful abstract shapes on every single part of the watch: the hands, dial, strap and even the movement itself. The watch thus resembles an avant-garde painting! Each of us is free to interpret the resulting picture as they wish, to find your own meaning, depending on your mood & imagination. 

This picture is not frozen in time. As time passes the picture is constantly changing, animated by the circular motion of the geometric shapes floating around the dial at different speeds. Every time you look at your wrist, you will see a new composition to which you can give a different meaning. 

This edition, limited to 300 pieces, is based on Raketa’s existing “Avant-Garde” collection. It differs from the existing collection by:

  • Black PVD case
  • Colourful strap
  • Open case back
  • Decoration on its automatic movement

Summary of the Avant-Garde:

  • 3 geometric shapes moving above the dial represent the hands: a triangle for the hour hand, a circle for the minute hand and a pointed line for the second hand
  • The dial has a strong avant-garde graphic design, in particular with the words “Made in Russia” written in its centre in the style of a slogan;
  • The black leather strap has large circular openings along its length revealing the red linen usually hidden under the upper strap material;
  • The automatic movement, entirely produced at the Raketa Watch Factory, is decorated with an avant-garde design printed not only on the rotor but also on the main bridge using a printing technique rarely used in watchmaking.

The price: €1.125EUR (excl. VAT) with free delivery worldwide. 

Technical Specifications:

Factory:Raketa Watch Factory (Saint-Petersburg)
Number of jewels:24
Testing positions:4
Average rate (s/d):-10+20
Average running time (h):40
Frequency/hour:18.000 / 2.5Hz
Bi-directional automatic winding:Yes 
Stopper of self-winding unit activated during manual winding:Yes 
Decoration:Print (rotor, main bridge)
Material:Stainless steel / PVD black
Diameter:40,5 mm
Length (lug to lug):45 mm
Front glass:Sapphire 
Back glass:Mineral
Rotating bezel:No
Water resistance:5 АТМ
Material:Genuine leather 
Width:22 mm

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