Fast Is The Enemy For Patek Philippe

Fast Is The Enemy For Patek Philippe

The importance Patek Philippe place on elegant forms, noble materials, the perfection of finishes and their decorative techniques requires the time-consuming work of trained specialists with many years of experience. 

It is the standards they adhere to, determined by the Patek Philippe Seal, an emblem of horological excellence, that makes it impossible for them to accelerate the time it takes to make a watch without cutting corners or lowering their quality, which is something they will not do.

“At Patek Philippe, when we make a watch, however hard we work, we can only go at one speed. One that ensures we adhere to the high standards for which we are respected.”

Thierry Stern, President, Patek Philippe

The jewel in the crown of a Patek Philippe watch is the fact that, from its case and dial to its beating heart, it has been finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down through generations. Every Patek Philippe watch is hand finished, with a wide array of fine decorations and subtle enhancements, which enrich the functionality and aesthetics, as well as ensuring beauty and precision of their watches for years to come.

Making a dial is less a section of watchmaking, more a dedicated craft in itself. Since the dial is the part of the watch that speaks to us, it must be both beautiful and harmonious, and clearly legible. Dial makers and finishers use age-old hand-craftsmanship skills, alongside trade secrets passed down through generations. A dial for Patek Philippe takes four to six months of production process work, and from 50 to 200 operations, including decorative techniques.

Exemplary finishing of movements at Patek Philippe is paramount – for the sake of perfect function as well as aesthetics. The Patek Philippe Seal requires that movements, as with the rest of the watch, are made using advanced technologies, artisanal know-how, authenticity, and exemplary finishing. After machining, every movement component – many of which will never be seen – passes through or is finished by human hands, and often decorated. The same processes are applied for all their calibers from Grand Complications to classic calibers.

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