How Women Can Successfully Grow Their Luxury Watch Collections

How Women Can Successfully Grow Their Luxury Watch Collections

Exclusive feature for MWM by Corinne Faith Osborn

Wristwatches have evolved greatly through time. Beyond being a ‘statement item’ and a piece of fine jewellery, watches have also become something to collect for women with a taste for luxury and grandeur. In fact, interest in luxury watches has accelerated during the pandemic, particularly among young women who were unable to dine out and travel so they turned to classic timepieces instead. Here are a few helpful tips for curating and growing your luxury watch collection in a multi-billion dollar market segment with an array of brands to choose from.

Look Out For Exclusive Collections

Most luxury watch connoisseurs will tell you to be on the lookout for must-have brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Rather than opting for a piece based on its brand, it also helps to look out for exclusive collections that suit your budget and lifestyle. Leading French brand, HERBELIN recently launched an exclusive luxury watch collection designed for women, drawing inspiration from pebbles with a subtly curved and smooth silhouette.

What’s interesting about the luxury watch market is that it has become all-inclusive catering for everyone’s desires and needs. Over the years, there have also been collections from brands like OMEGA focusing on sustainability-minded collectors by adopting environmentally conscious materials and processes.

Get Involved With The Community

While it’s crucial to do your own research on which collections and models to go for, getting involved with the watch-collecting community enables you to exchange knowledge and converse with fellow collectors and enthusiasts. Rather than being confined to designs and aesthetics that are simply labelled for women, you get to learn how everything from features and functionality down to market value represent the community’s passion for collecting and respect for watchmaking as an art form. In the discussion above with women watch collectors, it also discussed the increasing diversity and accessibility of the collecting community across all genders and lifestyle stages.

Diversify Your Revenue Sources

A luxury watch collection will undoubtedly cost a lot of money. Whether you want to tread carefully with emerging brands or you’re willing to splurge on a classic Rolex, it never hurts to diversify your revenue sources so you can collect more comfortably. Wealth-building tips for women include searching for income opportunities beyond your current job. You can go for the traditional route by investing in stocks or be more creative by taking on an entrepreneurial venture. Also, remember that the increasing accessibility of the collecting community means that you don’t have to belong to the 1% to make it a hobby. Being financially savvy and knowledgeable about your investments helps you sustain your luxury watch collection in the long run.

Expand Your Collection With Different Styles

Once you’ve acquired four to six classic pieces, then it’s time to add some variety to your collection. Experts advise complementing signature timepieces fit for everyday work with chic yet durable watches you can wear when you’re on the road. You can further branch out by looking for unconventional material for the straps, like ceramic, or experimenting with the bezel or watchband itself through interchangeable examples from watchmakers like Cartier. Lastly, as long as you see yourself keeping it in your collection for the long-term, then don’t be afraid to go for bolder and brighter colours for the watch straps or dials.

Consider Buying Pre-Owned Watches

It’s always wise to expand your options by not only paying in full from retail but also scouring for vintage and pre-owned watches. Second-hand luxury watches for women have increased in re-sale value, following limited inventory due to production closures and supply chain issues. With various entry points to the luxury resale market, make sure you’re buying a guaranteed and authenticated piece from a reliable source; you can even do additional research on their warranty policy if they have one.

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