I want a watch made out of..?

I want a watch made out of..?

Let your imagination run wild and dream the impossible. In the comments box below we would love to hear what material you would like your watch to be made out of.

Watchmakers are stretching the boundaries of imagination and creating timepieces out of rare and frankly weird materials.

Romaine Jerome will furnish you with a watch containing part of Apollo 11 and moon dust (with aliens).

You can have a dial made from 150 million year old dinosaur bone from Louis Moinet.

From Bremont, a watch with some of the original muslin material that used to cover the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft.

You can have a watch that stores your DNA, reflects your favourite artist, celebrates you achieving a Black Belt in Judo, celebrates the Rolling Stones or Cohiba cigars.

To stretch the skill of the watchmaker, how about a watch including the naturally occurring element Astatine.

So, what would you like a watch made out of?

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