Introducing The New LIV Rebel AR

Introducing The New LIV Rebel AR

We are huge fans of the new LIV Rebel-AR which is a racing-inspired update to one of our favorite styles.

First introduced in 2017, the Rebel design was an entirely unique shape – the watch is rectangular and curved and features a ‘stadium-concave’ ring with a round dial – that has never been done before.

Over the past two years, they’ve been working to improve an already successful style. Inspired by classic sports cars, they have now transformed the Rebel-A into the Rebel-AR!

Here are just a few positive changes to the Rebel Swiss Automatic:

  • The proportions of the case are thinner.
  • We enlarged the dial and hands, so viewing the time is easier. And just look at those racing stripes!
  • We added another layer of BGW9 Swiss Luminova for extra super brightness at night. The hour and minute hands are now 25% larger with 30% more luminescent surface.
  • We added a screw-down crown for additional water resistance protection, as well as making it easier to wind and change the date and time.  

The new racing-stripe dial comes in 5 stunning colours, each named after an iconic raceway.

For more information and secure you LIV Rebel AR please visit

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