Montres Breguet | Breguet History and Innovative watchmaking

Montres Breguet | Breguet History and Innovative watchmaking

Breguet evokes a genuine fascination through its capacity for innovation. Its inventions have left an indelible imprint on watchmaking history and the developments currently being achieved within the Manufacture make Breguet an undeniable reference in its field.

This philosophy is entirely in tune with my vision of fine watchmaking: its ability to push the boundaries of horological construction, blending aesthetics with mechanical constraints, makes it a full-fledged art in its own right.

Breguet is not only a brand embodying watchmaking excellence, but also a part of our cultural heritage, brimming with history and emotions. The timepieces emerging from the Manufacture Breguet are works of art rendered unique by the artisans’ hand, and endowed with genuine soul.

Technology dedicated to serving Art is our watchword, and creating technical masterpieces is our daily challenge. A mere stylistic exercise? Far from it: our technical accomplishments are intended to provide tangible improvements to the performances of the watch, its precision and its daily use, the sole purpose being to satisfy the person who has acquired it.

Marc A. Hayek
Former President and CEO of Montres Breguet SA

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