Vortic Takes You From Pocket To Wrist

Vortic Takes You From Pocket To Wrist

We are fascinated by the extraordinary stories that bring watches to life. Here is another great example of amazing innovation that was developed by two ‘college buddies’ with complimentary skills and a shared vision – America Wasn’t Assembled. It Was Built!

The Vortic Watch Company is a custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado, founded by R.T. Custer and Tyler Wolfe. Their mission is to ‘preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America.’

The true inspiration behind Vortic’s American Artisan Series watches is a simple idea that they had it right the first time. Before the United States moved away from watchmaking in the mid-1900’s, it produced millions of beautiful, high-quality pocket watches that became more than just a way to tell time. The domestically-made pocket watches became heirlooms that were passed down through generations, signifying the deep roots of quality manufacturing in America that, while covered with dirt, still exist today.

These watches are a piece of history, each one telling its own lively tale from a time past. And, they do it in a language that will speak to future generations because the heart of America is built into the bones of each watch. That is why they will continue to tick relentlessly, year after year after year. The American Artisan Series watches encapsulate the American spirit by adapting these workhorses in a way that is relevant today and preserving the tradition of building in the United States.

Many collectors have wonderful examples of Pocket watch making from the 19th century, including those made by the great American watch companies, such as, Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton, Illinois and Ball Watch Company.

Whilst these timepieces look great in a cabinet, they are often impractical as useful ‘everyday’ watches – perhaps only coming out for special occasions. Well now Vortic offers you an option to ‘Convert Your Watch‘. Currently this is available for the American Artisan Series or Railroad Edition pocket watches (see above).

This is a truly inspirational company that has taken a simple idea – fusing cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship – and created a hugely successful business around this, one that adds great value to their growing customer base.

For more information please visit https://vorticwatches.com/

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