Thursday, May 23, 2024


Inspired by the legacy left behind by my great grandather, born in 1885, he was the first watchmaker of 4 generations. Setting up shop in 1910 – an era which lacked the network of distributors and shipping availability that exists today – my great grandfather was still determined to catch the eyes of a timeless market. During the week, he would focus on the intricacies of the watch; the design, production maintenance etc. and in the weekend, he went to Geneva to meet with his clients directly. A century later, BRELLUM is fuelled by this very mission – to establish this intimate connection between the watchmaker and the enthusiast.

BRELLUM Swiss Watchmaking is an independent brand, dedicated to developing high-end timepieces for us admirers of timeless quality. A brand cultivated in the Jura Mountains, a cradle of Swiss Watchmaking, situated near the medieval city of Porrentruy, I am proud to represent the 4th generation of Muller family watchmakers.

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