Friday, July 19, 2024

Bamford London

George Bamford identified a considerable gap in the market in the early-2000s, which led to the launch of his watch customising business, Bamford Watch Department (BWD). BWD’s raison d’être ever since has been to ‘jazz up’ treasured timepieces by blackening the cases, colouring the dials and adding all manner of special symbols and characters to the standard aesthetic of everything from Rolexes to Audemars Piguets and Patek Philippes.

While after-market alterations are nothing new – Rolex co-branding, for example, is something that has existed for decades – Bamford has managed to upset the great and the good from Switzerland’s fourth-biggest export industry, leading to much hand-wringing, foot-stamping and tearing up of warranties. All of the official opposition, however, has only served to make the products of BWD more talked-about, more desirable and, increasingly, more expensive.

Bamford London is the world’s ultimate hub for personalised luxury products. As a highly customer-oriented company they pride themselves in taking great care of their clients, ensuring that their needs are the focus at every step of the way.

Emphasis on personalisation is paramount, with customers’ requests forming the bedrock of their business; it’s through these individual desires that our personalisation techniques really show their colours. For George it is essential that they deliver to the highest standards of quality and service and he is proud of their array of exciting and exclusive products.

He never forgets that whilst their customers can get on without them, they couldn’t get on without their customers; they are both the beginning and the end of the chain and the fuel to their fire.

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