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The journey starts in the small town of Le Locle, deep in Switzerland’s cradle of Swiss watchmaking: the Jura Mountains. Georges Ducommun was one of 13 children and only twelve years old when he began his apprenticeship with an established watchmaker in 1880. 

As the family was not well off, Georges had to contribute his share to the family income. Georges’ temperament for hard work and discipline combined with a passion for mechanical precision and beauty meant timepieces passed through increasingly skilled and expert hands.

“Doxa” is the Greek word for glory. Over time it has also come to signify the splendor of timepieces with a reputation for value, quality and exceptional workmanship. Georges’ unique craftsmanship was recognized beyond the Jura region, Neuchatel and Switzerland as having reached this barometer. 

His pocket watch was honored at the “Exposition Universelle et Internationale,” at the World’s Fair held in Liège, Belgium in 1905 and in 1906 Georges’ anti-magnetic DOXA won the gold medal at the World’s Fair in Milan, Italy.

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