Thursday, May 23, 2024


Handcrafted foreverness and engineering excellence focused on the essential: Leica ZM1 and Leica ZM2. The first Leica watch collection is the perfect combination of more than 150 years of Leica’s brand culture, visionary design and unmatched quality. Clear and distinctive elementary design features, functionality, durability and sophisticated creative details set new standards in the watchmaking segment and ensure the new Leica is both: timeless and precise.

There is a distinct difference between seconds and moments: focus. Focus on the essential. Experiencing time consciously, recognising its value and the ultimate desire to capture fleeting moments forever – to give them shape, character and a heartbeat – led us to the development of the Leica watch. Our mission: turning seconds into moments and making time visible, as well as wearable. Iconic design, precise craftsmanship and Leica’s uncompromising passion are now embodied in two remarkable timepieces: Leica ZM1 and Leica ZM2.

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