Sunday, April 21, 2024


These instruments were painstakingly built by craftsmen who were fired with enthusiasm for measurement and time. The RESERVOIR is Swiss Made, and echoes an era in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind.

A time when the pulse quickened and adrenaline coursed through your veins as you embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance. The RESERVOIR on your wrist tells these stories: stories that embody fundamental truths that stir the spirit, characterised by an intensity of feeling and self-affirmation. The single hand of the RESERVOIR dial jumps back every 60 minutes, mirroring the significance of an hour having passed, and reaching out to invite you to seize the opportunities presented by the hour still to come. The RESERVOIR is an audacious timepiece with a radical time display. It is innovative for the way each wearer gets to experience every minute precisely and accurately. The Luxury of Intensity: when everything is possible.

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