Thursday, May 23, 2024


Rolex stands as the reigning crown of Swiss watchmaking. No other name in this realm is as recognized, nor revered. It was the brain child of one, Hans Wilsdorf who in 1905 established the brand first as a timepiece distributor in an age when wristwatches were anything but a reality. Wilsdorf, however, had the foresight to understand the importance that wristwatches would play in the not too distant future. 

Therefore, in order to create watches of the utmost reliability, he started off by developing movements that led to the first ever class “A” precision certification, from the Kew Observatory, for a wristwatch in 1914. Then in 1926, having moved his concentration to cases, the brand developed the first water-resistant watch using the “Oyster” case. 

With precision and reliability established, the brand to this day has fervently retained these attributes, having been part of many monumental events in the 20th century and with Rolex watch icons such as the Day-Date, Submariner, GMT-Master and the Rolex Explorer permanently etching the brand’s name into human existence for many generations to come.

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