Friday, July 19, 2024


Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei first met in 1995 to discuss developing a watch. The young men were united by their common passion for measuring and portraying time. A long discussion, a sharing of philosophies and dreams, culminated in a decision to create their own vision of time. They founded URWERK in 1997 and presented their first timepiece with the AHCI at Baselworld that same year.

In just 20 years, URWERK’s original approach to watchmaking has both shaken traditionalists and won the respect of collectors. URWERK is a byword for creative efficiency and efficient creativity, thanks to the blend of rigorous Swiss German watchmaking culture and Swiss French traditional watchmaking culture.

URWERK has assembled a highly talented team armed with a host of skills: concept, design, sketches, 2D drawings, 3D modeling, technical plans, manufacturing, micro-engineering, machining, assembling, watchmaking, finishing and decoration, prototyping, testing and adaptation, sales, marketing and communication.

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