A Unique & Rare Hublot Classic Fusion

A Unique & Rare Hublot Classic Fusion

At MrWatchMaster, we love brands that push the boundaries of innovation in watchmaking. That is why we are excited to bring you news of the new Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal – one of the rarest forms of gold.

Every Watch Is Unique: Classic Fusion Gold Crystal 45mm and 38mm 

When it is collected, the gold is in the form of flakes. The conditions required to form a crystal are very rare, and gold crystals scarcely occur in nature. This is where Hublot’s engineers come into play by giving gold its most exclusive form: gold crystal. 

The Research and Development Department at the Hublot manufacture heats gold in the purest form possible —24 carats— to melting point, which creates emanations of gold that we could compare to steam carrying atoms of gold. These particles rise through this emanation, then set in a crystalline form when they reach the cold surface. They agglomerate there as crystals with completely random shapes that are never the same twice. 

The master dial maker then delicately picks up the crystals to lay them on the dial, cluster by cluster. Only 20% of these crystals are kept. Once they have been sorted, they are very delicately placed by hand on a black dial then imprisoned in a fine transparent lacquer that took years to develop. This is a complex operation as it must be carried out in a vacuum to avoid any air bubbles appearing. The process is repeated again and again as twenty different layers of lacquer must be applied to completely hold the crystals. Then this plate just needs to be polished to make the lacquer invisible and give a perfectly flat surface. 

For more information please visit: https://www.hublot.com

Technical Specifications:

Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal – 45mm

Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal – 38mm

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