Clocktime Digital Museum Shares Founder’s Passion For Horology

Clocktime Digital Museum Shares Founder’s Passion For Horology

Clocktime is a digital museum created by the world-renowned inventor and passionate collector Dr John C. Taylor OBE FRSEng (below). 

Dr Taylor is best known for developing the bi-metal switch that makes electric kettles work. He is one of the UK’s most prolific inventors, with an extensive number of patents to his name. He is also a widely respected horologist and collector, specialising in the history of British horology, navigation and aviation. He sees the clock as humankind’s ‘most significant invention’ and, over the past 30 years, he has lovingly amassed a world-class collection of early British clocks, watches and scientific instruments.

Clocktime digital museum has been created to share Dr Taylor’s passion for horology. Visitors can discover the world’s most magnificent mechanical timepieces from the golden age of British clockmaking (1500–1800). Visitors to the website can explore the interactive clocks and watch them go in real time – they are all running and will automatically set themselves to the visitor’s local time (above).

You can watch exclusive videos of Dr Taylor discussing his favourite timepieces, and discover the craftmanship and artistry that went into the creation of each clock (below).

Visitors can view beautifully rendered engravings and embellishments in stunning detail, and explore the secrets of these timepieces and their makers from hundreds of years ago. They can navigate a horological timeline (below) to explore the technological breakthroughs that changed our world and how we ‘tell time’.

Clocktime also features an extensive image archive, as well as a horological glossary and bibliography.

The early clocks and watches exhibited on Clocktime digital museum are masterpieces; they are artistic as well as technical triumphs and also represent an important phase in the history of manufacturing, which pre-dates the Industrial Revolution (1750–1900). Early British clockmakers developed techniques to manufacture clock and watch components in batches and were among the first to mass-produce items by introducing production-line and serialisation systems.

Clocktime is a valuable teaching tool for teachers and students who want to learn about the rich history of English watch and clockmaking.

For more information please visit Clocktime digital museum.

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