Franck Muller Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow Is Spectacular

Franck Muller Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow Is Spectacular

Franck Muller’s new Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow is a masterpiece that offers an exceptional technical spectacle but also captivates with its vibrant array of colours, reminiscent of a rainbow.

Power flows from the gear train through all three carriages to activate the balance wheel five times each second. As the Revolution 3 has three carriages, the gear train has significant resistance to overcome. So as to provide an abundance of energy to drive this triple axis tourbillon, the movement was given a massive 10 days of power reserve. Furthermore, there are two retrograde indications at 4 and 8 o’clock for the progression of the 8-minute carriage and the 60-second carriage.

Featuring a breathtaking skeleton movement, this timepiece stylishly reveals openworked bridges and multi-coloured indicators that allow to observe one of the most beautiful mechanisms in the entire Horlogerie. Encased within the iconic Vanguard™ case, this timepiece boasts a striking three-axis tourbillon, magnified under a sapphire crystal dome. 

Entirely set by hand with baguette-cut stones, the Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow case and crown together hold an impressive total of 28.4 carats. Adding further to its luxurious detailing, the watch’s buckle is also handset with 1.87 carats baguette-cut gems, showcasing the same meticulous mastery of invisible setting technique. This technique aims to eliminate any visible prongs or claws, creating a seamless surface that enhances the gemstones’ radiant sparkle.

The vivid rainbow colour palette employed here is not only a technical achievement but also a visual spectacle, reflecting the exceptional craftsmanship that requires years of dedicated training. The tremendous work accomplished on the rainbow color palette is outstanding and offers an exceptional sparkle to the timepiece. Each individual gem is precisely positioned, contributing to the timepiece’s overall brilliance and allure. This immense effort showcases outstanding mastery in jewellery setting, offering an extraordinary sparkle that elevates the entire design. 

Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the futuristic design of the Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow is a mechanical treasure showcasing the exceptional knowledge of the Franck Muller manufacture. 

The new Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton Rainbow comes with Franck Muller’s 5-year tourbillon warranty and is delivered in a very special box with an automated opening system. 

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