Leica Monochrom Edition Watch Take Inspiration From M11 Camera

Leica Monochrom Edition Watch Take Inspiration From M11 Camera

The Leica Watch Monochrom Edition takes its inspiration from the latest Leica M11 Monochrom camera and honours the most fundamental principles of black and white photography: contrast and light.

The distinctive design of the Leica ZM Monochrom Edition removes all colour and silver tones, except for the red dot, achieving a truly minimalist aesthetic. Beneath the anti-reflective and strongly curved sapphire crystal are the black rhodium-plated, diamond cut, sandblasted indices, and hands. The case is PVD-coated stainless steel (316L), and the dial, including its feet, is milled from a solid block of high-strength aluminium to reinforce its shock-resistance. Moreover, the Monochrom Edition watch strap is identical to the texture of the M11 Monochrom camera and made of thick, strong-grained, black calf leather and crafted using a cut-edge construction with hand-stitching to support the sturdy, yet refined look of the Leica ZM Monochrom Edition. 

 The Leica Watch collection consists of two models, both with the mechanical, hand-wound movement developed and produced in-house of the Leica ZM 1 and Leica ZM 2 (see above), which are now available in the new Monochrom Edition.  The “ZM” in the watch collection name stands for “Zeitmesser”, which is the German descriptive word for an instrument that measures and displays time. 

The Leica ZM is unique, even in a highly developed and competitive watch market. It’s different in a Leica way, with its own distinctive design language, paired with unconventional solutions to classic timekeeping functions. The patented push-crown, with a simple push, stops the movement from working, resets the seconds hand to zero and enables easy time-setting. 

The push-crown solves a function used by all watch brands in a completely original way, making the Leica ZM a typical Leica product, though not for taking pictures. The Leica ZM 2 has an additional feature as a GMT-watch (Greenwich Mean Time), which together with a day/night indicator allows the wearer to read two different time zones with a single set of hands. 

The Leica ZM Monochrom Edition will be available from 15th May 2023 at selected Leica stores worldwide, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia. The recommended retail price starts at £9,900 for the Leica ZM 1 Monochrom and £13,300 for the Leica ZM 2 Monochrom, including VAT. 

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