LIV Watches: Awesome Swiss Quality At Affordable Prices

LIV Watches: Awesome Swiss Quality At Affordable Prices

LIV make limited edition, Swiss-Made, men’s timepieces at a fraction of the cost of big brand alternatives. Their goal is to deliver Swiss quality, precision, and craftsmanship at an unbelievable price.

44MM LIV GX Ceramic Diver’s – Limited to 1,000 pieces

We’ve followed LIV since launch – five years ago – and marvel at the continued success of the brand that has successfully raised millions through Crowdfunding. As a ‘direct-to-consumer’ micro-brand, they craft precision, high-quality, sensibly-priced Swiss-made limited edition watches.

They have over two decades of watchmaking experience and focus on creating timepieces with the highest precision mechanically possible. They use only the highest quality materials, equal to or better than those used by big-name brands. Finally, they bring everything together with true attention to detail in their Swiss workshops to ensure no LIV watch leaves with a single imperfection.

Focus on Design

LIV provides a brilliant concierge-style customer service experience that reflects their dedication to watchmaking and their ‘direct-to-consumer’ approach.

P51 Pilots Titanium Automatic Chronograph

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