Mr Jones Adds Surrealist Watch To Collection

Mr Jones Adds Surrealist Watch To Collection

A surreal and intricate watch design featuring a winged sphinx has swooped into the permanent collection of Mr Jones Watches.

The Indefatigable Sphinx – designed by British artist Edward Carvalho-Monaghan – was first released as a limited edition of just 25 watches in 2021. After a design refresh, the watch now enters the creative watch brand’s permanent collection. 

The watch is powered by a Sellita SW200 with a jump hour module designed by Johannes Jahnke for Christopher Ward. The premium mechanics can be admired through the glass case back. Hours can be read through the window on the right of the dial. At the same time, the winged sphinx also gets a new head, providing an alternative way to perceive the different hours of the day. 

Minute and seconds hands work in the usual way and subtle images within the design act as markers for reading the positions of the hands.

“The watch depicts a surreal, dreamlike landscape. This space exists both outside time and at all possible moments in time simultaneously. Gods, Goddesses and sacred objects from different cultures, places and times are present within this timeless world. At the top of the dial the bejewelled all-seeing eye watches over the world, looking back at us and making the link between their world and ours. My aims are always to expand the dimensions of an image to the farthest possible degree and to create contradictions and suggestions within that space.”

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan

“The Indefatigable Sphinx is the most technically challenging watch we’ve ever made. The dial features more layers of colour than we’ve ever printed and represents a substantial amount of work by our talented team of printmakers – it’s a real showpiece for the craft and skill that we have developed in-house.”

Crispin Jones, Founder, Mr Jones Watches

Liberated by the fact that most people check the time on their mobile phones or smart devices, Mr Jones Watches specialises in playful and eye-catching watch designs that each have their own unique way to tell the time. 

The Indefatigable Sphinx is available exclusively from Mr Jones Watches. To find out more, please visit Mr Jones Watches

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