MrWatchMaster Opinion: Iconic Watches – Patek Philippe Calatrava

MrWatchMaster Opinion: Iconic Watches – Patek Philippe Calatrava

In this new series ‘Iconic Watches’ we will bring you the world’s most enduring and popular timepieces that have achieved ‘cult’ status. This will include watches from long-established classics from legendary manufacturers, such as Patek Philippe to contemporary icons, from the likes of Audemars Piguet.

We start with the ‘unsung hero’ of the Patek Philippe ‘stable’, the Calatrava, which made it’s debut back in 1932, at the height of the ‘Art Deco’ period.

Calatrava Ref. 3445 – houses the famous 27-460M calibre

The phrase ‘Calatrava’ derives from the ‘Red Cross Order Of Knights’, Spain’s first military order founded in 1158 to combat the Moors. Indeed, the brand logo of Patek Philippe actually comes from the original ‘Knight’s’ badge.

Patek Philippe have produced the Calatrava continuously since launch, with a huge range of variations along the way, but it has always maintained the simplicity of both its round shape and basic dial design – believed to have been influenced by the Bauhaus movement.

Old (1967) and New (2020)

Collector’s often fall into two ‘camps’ – those that prefer the smooth bezels and those preferring the ‘hob-nailed’ version. The first version (1932), Model 96, featured a smooth bezel and ‘re-issued’ as Ref. 5196 in the Grande Classique collection.

The Calatrava range caters for all tastes and genders, with Ref. 4861 bringing a sparkle to the wrist. The hour markers and bezel are embellished with top quality diamonds.

Ref. 4861 – Includes 99 Diamonds

There are currently 19 Calatrava models available from Patek Philippe, so there is a great deal of choice for the discerning collector. The range includes various precious metals, i.e. yellow, rose, white gold or platinum. Dial finishes are either plain or come with guilloché decoration – some with diamonds. You can also have the ‘date’ or ‘subsidiary seconds’.

A Selection Of Calatrava Variations

Prices start from around £15,000. For more information please visit Patek Philippe

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