Vacheron Constantin Craft Jewellery Watch To Be Worn In Multiple Ways

Vacheron Constantin Craft Jewellery Watch To Be Worn In Multiple Ways

The Vacheron Constantin Grand Lady Kalla is a creation reflecting the Maison’s long and rich history of jewellery and pendant watches.

In 1979, Vacheron Constantin made watchmaking history with the Kallista (below), whose opulence – starring 130 carats of diamonds – was matched only by the innovation of Raymond Morretti’s design, a geometric rivière carved out of a solid gold ingot from which the watch’s 140 grams were drawn. Issued as a single-piece edition, it was the world’s most expensive watch creation. 

The Grand Lady Kalla honours the name that inspired it, the Greek word kallista meaning ‘the most beautiful’. From the first sketch in the design studio to the final polishing operation, the new creation embodies a wealth of superlatives. The subtlety of the adjustments is matched by their virtuoso execution. The 57 facets of the emerald-cut diamonds chosen for this new piece underline their crystal-clear clarity. Slightly slimmed down to reflect contemporary tastes, the dial is distinguished by the meticulous work of the master gem-setter who has  adorned it with modernised prongs.

A veritable Haute Joaillerie masterpiece, the Grand Lady Kalla testifies to the determination to pass on excellence that has consistently driven the Maison. The elegance of the emerald cut, which requires a perfectly pure crystalline material, is amplified by the beauty of the pairing. No less than 131 diamonds have been meticulously selected by the Maison’s gemmologists to ensure a harmonious match in terms of colour, clarity and luminosity. The extreme precision of the setting, given the sharp angles of the emerald cut, allows the stones to express their true nature. Their broad flashes of light create a fascinating sparkle bringing special radiance to the design.

Comprising a watch and a sautoir necklace, the Grand Lady Kalla is a playful, contemporary invitation to glide stylishly from wrist to neckline and back. The quartet of wearability options afforded by this timepiece chimes with the creativity characterising the history of Vacheron Constantin for more than two and a half centuries. This expertise is vividly illustrated by ladies’ pendant watches such as the 1924 model featuring a removable fastening system serving to transform the platinum pendant set with rubies, emeralds, onyx and diamonds into a brooch. 

Technical Specifications:

Grand Lady Kalla




11.3 mm (4’’’7/8) diameter, 2.5 mm thick
32.7 Hz
85 components
6 jewels


Hours, minutes

Watch case                                       

18K white gold
19.4 mm x 30.1 mm, 8.3 mm thick
Fully set with 12 emerald-cut diamonds, claw-set
Interchangeable system

Watch dial                                        

Fully paved with 14 emerald-cut diamonds, claw-set
18K white gold hours and minutes hands


Fully paved with 105 emerald-cut diamonds, claw-set                    

Jewel element                                  

18K white gold
16.8 mm x 30.1 mm, 8.3 mm thick
Set with 14 emerald-cut diamonds and one GIA-certified emerald-cut center diamond, claw-set
Interchangeable system


White silk necklace
112 Akoya beads
50 onyx beads
1 onyx
16 brilliant-cut diamonds, bead-set
85 cm long 

Sautoir clasp                                  

18K white gold
88 brilliant-cut diamonds, bead-set
1 onyx


18K white gold
51 mm long
18 brilliant-cut diamonds, bead-set
87 Akoya beads
1 onyx bead
1 onyx

Interchangeable system

Total of diamonds          

268 diamonds for a total of ~45.65 carats (minimum guaranteed), including a GIA-certified center emerald-cut diamond of ~2.08ct

Available only in Vacheron Constantin Boutiques (price upon request)

For more information please visit Vacheron Constantin

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