Junghans Celebrate 200th Birthday Of Founder

Junghans Celebrate 200th Birthday Of Founder

To mark this occasion of Erhard Junghans birth, 200-years ago in the Black Forest, Junghans is launching two exclusive Meister fein Automatic Erhard Edition anniversary models.

In 1859, Junghans took the leap into self-employment and acquired, together with his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler, a property in Geisshalde in 1861 that is still the headquarters of Junghans today. 

As inexpensive imports from overseas increasingly threatened the traditional watchmaking industry in the Black Forest, Junghans responded, against initial scepticism, by introducing innovative production processes and technical innovations. Through his actions, he laid the foundation for the company’s success.

Heritage as Driving Force

With his visionary thinking and innovative actions, Erhard Junghans has sustainably shaped the identity of the watch factory, even after his early death in 1870. 

The two edition models also combine tradition with innovation. The design of the white polished dial reflects the special connection to the company’s history. Instead of the normal block letters, the historical Junghans lettering takes their place. Especially designed for the two anniversary editions, the hour markers initially appear as elongated indices, but reveal themselves as particularly fine Roman numerals upon further inspection. The geometry, on the other hand, is forward-looking. The case, made of 18-carat white or yellow gold, seamlessly combines with the front and bottom, both made of spherically shaped sapphire glass, to form a perfect discus shape. The dial and strap take on this special three-dimensionality with a slight curvature.

The backs of both timepieces bear the signature of Erhard Junghans, symbolically representing the founder’s imprint on the company. The ergonomically shaped sapphire crystal back ensures high wearing comfort and at the same time allows for a glimpse into the fascinating inner workings of the watches. The rotor developed and assembled in Schramberg gives an almost uncovered view on the finely decorated movement thanks to its two-arm design there. A portrait of Erhard Junghans is engraved into the cover of the rotor bearing. 

With his determined action, Erhard Junghans once laid the foundation for the success of the company, which has always tackled challenges head-on with change throughout its history. It speaks to the company’s longstanding innovation by tradition. 

Limited to 200 items each, these timepieces pay tribute to the company’s founder, who, as history shows, was a visionary of his time.

Technical Specifications:

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