Marloe Watch Company: Time Well Spent

Marloe Watch Company: Time Well Spent

Marloe Watch Company is a British designer and producer of mechanical watches based in Oxfordshire.

Marloe Co-Founders: Oliver Goffe (L) and Gordon Fraser (R)

Around ten years ago, Oliver Goffe, Co-Founder of Marloe Watch Company, decided to replace the dead battery in his fairly pricey, branded watch. When he opened it up however, he discovered a disappointing reality. Staring back at him was a hollow case with an underwhelming, plastic quartz movement inside. Oliver felt that the watch was heartless and he was sure he could make something better.

He went in search of a partner and soon met Gordon Fraser, an industrial designer who shared his passion for doing things properly. Oliver and Gordon agreed on a plan to create a well-designed, beautifully engineered watch, with a mechanical beating heart, for the price of a high street fashion watch.

Within 12 months, the first mechanical Marloe watch was sold and Marloe Watch Company was born. In the years since they’ve grown and evolved building a strong reputation in the flourishing British watch industry. The name is inspired by Oliver’s hometown of Marlow on the banks of the River Thames, just round the corner from their HQ in Sonning Common.

A simple philosophy guides everything they do – taking the time to do things properly. The watches are testament to that. They’re the product of doing things as expertly as possible, not as fast as possible. Wherever your Marloe watch takes you, and whatever adventures you share, it’s definitely Time Well Spent.

Every Marloe watch is inspired by a story of human endeavour – of people who dedicated their time to something extraordinary. Their passion, belief and tenacity helped them achieve what others thought was impossible. These were people who challenged themselves, who never took the easy path or cut corners. They knew that nothing worthwhile comes easy and that it’s worth taking the time to do things properly. A good example of this is the Astro collection (below) that takes inspiration from the space race and its ‘squircle’ shape honours the television sets on which these ground-breaking events were witnessed.

The design process includes immersing themselves in these stories for months, unearthing evocative details that influence every design decision.

Every watch is delivered with a specially designed booklet retelling the backstory and how it translates into the design details.

For more information visit the Marloe Watch Company

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