Vacheron Constantin ‘Club 1755’ Is A Tribute To Tradition And Innovation

Vacheron Constantin ‘Club 1755’ Is A Tribute To Tradition And Innovation

Vacheron Constantin unveils ‘Club 1755’, a private space situated in a highly desirable setting in Old Bond Street, London.

Vacheron Constantin, with a legacy dating back to 1755, is opening a bespoke multi-functional space and sanctuary of culture located in a penthouse at the heart of Mayfair. 

Club 1755, embraces the quintessential British private club heritage, and is named after the year of Vacheron Constantin’s founding. The space provides an intimate setting for clients to immerse themselves in the finest service that Vacheron Constantin is renowned for, and a vibrant hub for art lovers, taste makers and connoisseurs to come together, exchange ideas and share unique experience. 

“Club 1755 is a sanctuary especially crafted for Vacheron Constantin’s collectors and a community of like-minded individuals, where time stands still, and passions ignite. The exhibition of Nick Hornby’s is just the beginning of this extraordinary journey, we look ahead to a bespoke calendar of exclusive activities dedicated to our community members, including seasonal art exhibitions and tailor-made programmes.”

Charlotte Tanneur Teissier, Vacheron Constantin UK Brand Director 

Club 1755 is designed as an oasis of calm sophistication and ultimate luxury, comprising of several lounge areas, a sleek bar with some of the most premium liquors, and a tranquil sun terrace that overlooks Mayfair. The space seamlessly blends classical and contemporary elements, featuring artisanal creations that pay tribute to British art and craftsmanship, bestowing an ambiance that is both timeless and innovative. 

A selection of objects have been handpicked for Club 1755 which celebrate UK and Irish craft, such as the bespoke Backgammon boards come courtesy of Alexandra Llewellyn, handmade in England. Berry Bros & Rudd, the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, have curated an eclectic and exciting selection of wines and rarified house spirits, especially for Club 1755. Master of cigars, Eddie Sahakian of Davidoff St James’s, has personally selected a collection of cigars from Havana, for Club guests to enjoy on the terrace. 

Club 1755 offers unique opportunities for clients to engage in artistic and horological conversations, private previews, and participate in bespoke event series. 

As part of the art programming, Vacheron Constantin’s inaugural artist collaboration at Club 1755, features “Geometry of Time” by the award-winning British artist Nick Hornby. Hornby’s work explores the intersection of art and horology, where time itself takes shape and form in sculpture that delve into different epochs spanning classicism to modernism. A total showcase of 7 art pieces, including some never-before-seen works from his public sculpture series, which embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation, echoing the ethos of Vacheron Constantin. 

The Current exhibition will run until the end of August 2024, with new artistic collaborations to be announced in September 2024. 

Club 1755: 

45 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4AG 

By appointment only.

For more information please visit Vacheron Constantin

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