MrWatchMaster Meets…José Miranda

MrWatchMaster Meets…José Miranda

Next we meet José Miranda, Co-Founder of Isotope Watches. Launching the company in 2016, his first objective was to offer a new, limited edition Jumping Hour, the Rider. All Isotope timepieces have original and innovative designs based on traditional watch engineering methods.

We hear his views on business, which watch he’d like to own and what he likes best about the watch industry.

MWM: How is business?

JM: Business is thriving! The current state of affairs is exceptionally positive. Our operations are running smoothly, and we are experiencing unprecedented success, especially in the international market. The demand for our watches has reached new heights, and we’ve never witnessed such robust sales before. It’s an exciting time for our business, and we are grateful for the enthusiastic response from customers worldwide.

MWM: What are you currently working on?

JM: We’re currently immersed in some exciting projects! One of the highlights is the development of a distinctive new Jumping Hour timepiece called the OVNI. It’s a unique creation that we’re thrilled to bring to the market. Additionally, we’re crafting a new 36mm watch, The Flyway, which promises to be an exceptional addition to our collection.

There are also several other projects in the pipeline, but unfortunately, we’re not able to reveal all the details at the moment. Rest assured, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, and we can’t wait to share these upcoming creations with the world when the time is right.

MWM: Tell us something we don’t know about Isotope Watches?

JM: Despite our growth and collaborations with various watchmakers, designers, and engineers, we’re proud to remain a ‘one-man’ operation at our core. As a true micro-brand, there’s a personal touch and commitment to quality that comes from a singular vision and passion for watchmaking.

We’re about to make a move to the Brighton area. This change not only represents a physical relocation but also symbolises our continuous evolution and dedication to the British market.

MWM: Which watch do you wear?

JM: I exclusively wear Isotope prototypes. It’s part of my role to thoroughly test and evaluate all upcoming models, often getting the chance to wear them for extended periods months, or even years before they hit the market. This ‘hands-on’ approach and experience allows me to ensure the functionality, durability, and aesthetics meet the highest standards we set for Isotope Watches.

While I have a personal collection that includes watches from other brands that I appreciate, they don’t see much wrist-time. The focus remains on putting our own creations through their paces, ensuring they not only meet, but exceed the expectations of watch enthusiasts like myself.

MWM: Which watch would you like to own?

JM: Choosing just one watch is a challenging task given the wealth of incredible timepieces out there. However, if I had to pinpoint a single watch from another brand that holds a special place in my horological aspirations, it would be the Grail Watch 1 Ressence × Alain Silberstein ‘Carpe Diem’ (above). I find the design and collaboration with Alain Silberstein truly captivating.

Interestingly, I’m also looking forward to the prospect of working with Alain Silberstein one day. The world of watchmaking is full of possibilities, and the idea of collaboration with such a renowned figure is an exciting prospect for the future.

MWM: What do you like best about the watch business?

JM: What I love most about the watch business is that it’s a realm where I feel free to express my creativity. It’s a space where I can delve into my inner-self, share my passion with like-minded individuals, and bring my vision to life. The ability to connect with people who share the same love for watches is incredibly rewarding.

Working in an industry that was once just a hobby is a dream come true. The journey of creating and owning my own brand was something I hadn’t initially envisioned. It became a reality thanks to the support of amazing customers who appreciate and resonate with the timepieces I create. The greatest reward is the opportunity to share my passion with them, fostering a community that values craftsmanship and a shared love for watches.

MWM: What is next on the horizon for you?

JM: The next chapter on the horizon for me is focused on the continuous pursuit of creating highly original timepieces while maintaining affordability. The primary goal is to offer unique, well-crafted watches that don’t compromise on quality but remain accessible to a broader audience.

I envision a path of slow growth, maintaining the independence that allows me to stay true to my vision. This approach ensures that each piece reflects a genuine passion for watchmaking, free from external pressures. I’m excited about the journey ahead, materialising my vision one-timepiece-at a-time and fostering a community that appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship behind each creation.

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