MrWatchMaster Meets…Klaus Botta

MrWatchMaster Meets…Klaus Botta

Next we meet Klaus Botta, Founder of the BOTTA design brand. Klaus studied industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, a successor institution of the famous BAUHAUS and the ULMER SCHULE. He designed his first watches in 1984 and in 1986 his most famous model, the single-hand watch UNO.

It was at this time he founded his design studio, BOTTA design.

We hear his fascinating views on the watch industry from a design perspective and future plans for the BOTTA brand.

MWM: How is business? 

KB: Thanks for asking, we are very happy with the current development. Since we have been investing more in our public appearance, we have noticed a significant increase in customer interest. Especially with the automatic watches. And this is true in both German-speaking and English-speaking countries. I think we are increasingly perceived as “The brand with the extraordinary but logical watches, Handmade in Germany”.

MWM: What are you currently working on? 

KB: We are constantly working on new developments and enhancements. However, it is a long way from an idea to a mature product series. Only a few particularly convincing concepts make it into series production. They have to be new, surprising but thoroughly functional. That is our claim. Of course, we are not revealing what is being created at the moment. But it will be typical “BOTTA” again. You can already look forward to that.

MWM: Tell us something we don’t know about BOTTA Watches? 

KB: From my training, I am a technician and designer. In addition to watches, we also develop complex technical devices and machines for clients. We apply the development steps and processes of such devices to our watches as well. The development of our watches is correspondingly thorough and systematic. For the entire process of a production of conception, design, construction, prototyping, supervision of production and product testing, we calculate about 1,000 hours, if it is a complete watch with a new case.

MWM: Which watch do you wear?

KB: I am currently wearing the prototype of one of our watch models in development. I always have the honour of being the first to test our new prototypes. Of course, I’m very happy to do that and in almost all cases there are still a few little things that we perfect before the watch finally goes into series production.

MWM: Which watch would you like to own?

KB: That gives me another big advantage. I can build the watch I want or think up myself. Fortunately, there are always a lot of other people who like this watch as much as I do. This is how new concepts are created at BOTTA.

MWM: What do you like best about the Watch business? 

KB: The wristwatch – a perfect mirror of the wearer’s personality. With the watch you wear, you always show a lot about yourself, often without being aware of it. Just as the other person receives messages about the wearer more or less subconsciously through the watch. But, the communication takes place. That’s why we not only develop watches, but also “personality ambassadors”. I find that fascinating.

MWM: What don’t you like about the Watch business? 

KB: The uniformity and interchangeability of the offer. In my view, there are not too many truly independent brands with a clearly defined image. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of copying going on, which in turn works against independence.

MWM: What is next on the horizon for you? 

KB: In the watch sector, we strive to reach even more of the people who are looking for exactly the kind of watches we make. Exceptional, logical, honest and high-quality through and through. After all, we believe that longevity is one of the best ways to reduce environmental impact and create lasting enjoyment of the product. In product design, we would like to further expand our focus on “easy-to-use products”. Because in addition to high quality, ease of use is an outstanding quality feature of a product.

For more information please visit BOTTA design

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