MrWatchMaster Opinion: A New Era Of Watchmaking

MrWatchMaster Opinion: A New Era Of Watchmaking

Back in 1796, legendary master watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet began developing and producing the first single hand watch known as the subscription watch.

Some 220 years later Paris-based watchmaker, Theo Auffret, is offering his latest creation, Tourbillon à Paris on the same [subscription] basis. Auffret won the F.P. Journe ‘Young Talent’ competition in 2018 with a prototype of the tourbillon watch.

Classic Design: The Tourbillon with laterally-mounted cylindrical weights 

Theo has now returned to Paris where he completed his apprenticeship, working on clock-making projects and restoration of ancient watches, setting up his own workshop on the river Seine concentrating once more on the new Tourbillon watch.

All In The Detail: Manual Winding Movement

The high-end and artisanal production of the ‘subscription series’ allows customers to choose a wide variety of materials (including platinum, gold or steel), colours and special options. They will also consider any specific request to offer a unique watch.

Bespoke: Tourbillon A Paris Comes With Hand-Made Accessories

Only 20 will be made over a period of four years, with a lead time of 10 months from order to delivery. It’s available direct from Auffret Paris.

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