Time Collectors Platform To Revolutionise Haute Horlogerie Collecting Standards

Time Collectors Platform To Revolutionise Haute Horlogerie Collecting Standards

MrWatchMaster is delighted to be partnering with Time Collectors a new innovative WatchTech platform enabling pre-owned and vintage timepiece Collectors to connect and trade securely online, overcome cyber disasters, and avoid fraud and counterfeit risks.

Time Collectors is launching its unique WatchTech concept leading the change and transforming online trading, revolutionising how online Haute Horlogerie Collecting is delivered worldwide. The groundbreaking platform is the only Community-driven marketplace that is partnering with technology professionals to bring together advanced platform services and transform the market. Now Watch & Clock Collectors’ will experience a high-quality ecosystem and engage with their communities in a new way. Time Collectors also offers an extensive range of services for collectors – from ownership certification through blockchain to escrow shield and data analysis in real-time. 

“We want to make it easier, more transparent and safer for Collectors to trade online. Fraud, counterfeit and scams have impacted trust, and we aim to restore it. With so much going on in our lives, seeking trustworthy information on forums and blogs and connecting to peers can be increasingly difficult to fit into our busy schedules. By bringing advanced technology into a unique go-to platform making information more accessible, to repair faith and avoid cyber failures. We will provide quality content for Watch enthusiasts’ community to help them stay ahead and fix trust online. Our ultimate goal is to help Collectors connecting with peers in a vetted and secured environment while simultaneously providing enjoyable ecosystem and qualitative services.” 

Caroline Hengesse-Brault, Co-Founder/CEO, Time Collectors

Time Collector members will enjoy a new experience online with tailor-made services to fulfil the Collectors’ expectations and demands. The ‘Virtual Vault’ enables them to trade securely, provide information on caring for any Haute Horlogerie timepiece and connect to an approved community. 

Their experts constantly research the global market, including Brands, Retailers and Auction Houses, to provide a comprehensive and optimised solution to meet the needs of Collectors and Super Collectors. Whether they wish to trade a timepiece, chat with an expert, hunt for their next watch or clock, or review market data analytics to monitor how their valuables are trending. The Time Collectors platform has been created to provide an unrivalled experience and peace of mind for all. 

There are 12 million Timepiece Collectors, excluding Asian and Emerging Markets. With skyrocketing values, the pre-owned watch market provides a new opportunity to reach as described as the “holy grail”, an estimated worth $37 billion in 2025 and vintage at $50 billion in 2020.

The predominantly Female Board of Directors is supported by a successful serial entrepreneur and Super Watch Collector, Soteris (Sid) Vasili, Advisor and Shareholder.

For more information please visit Time Collectors

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