Zenith Revive Their Icons

Zenith Revive Their Icons

In a bid to preserve its most revered historical references and offer them a second life while allowing watch enthusiasts to own a piece of watchmaking history, the Zenith has created Zenith ICONS – a new concept offering the opportunity to acquire a curated selection of iconic and highly sought-after vintage Zenith watches. 

Offering only the finest examples of historically important references, Zenith Icons watches are sourced, restored and certified by the Manufacture in Le Locle and sold exclusively at Zenith’s boutique.

“This is an exciting new chapter for Zenith’s legacy, and I’m extremely proud of the teams at the Zenith Manufacture for taking on this initiative. We are bridging the past with the future by celebrating Zenith’s rich history and the references that have become true icons of watchmaking. We are acquiring historical timepieces from sources who have cherished them for a very long time and allowing others the opportunity to enjoy them. These rare pieces can now embark on a second life using existing resources at the Manufacture, and I’m really excited to share these pieces of history with our customers. This is just the beginning!”

Julien Tornare, CEO, Zenith

The Manufacture laboriously tracks down the finest, most well-preserved examples of its most iconic historical references. Once a watch is found that appears to be in excellent condition, the Manufacture works with its Heritage department that conducts research tracing back the origins of the watch, to ensure that all parts are genuine and coherent.

After the watch has been approved by the Heritage department, it enters the restoration phase. Here, the objective is to preserve its original condition and respect its patrimony, retaining as much of the original parts and materials as possible. In the event that certain components have to be replaced to preserve the longevity of its functionality, Zenith will use historical components.

The final and most important step in the watch’s future life: The issuing of a passport that ensures its traceability for the rest of its new life. It is printed as a unique example and is stored digitally in the Zenith Archives, within the Manufacture’s Heritage Department. 

Zenith provides a 3-year warranty for its Icons watches, covering the movement and any manufacturing defects and normal wear-and-tear of components. And to complete the historical experience, the watches are delivered in a special blue leather case, inspired by those that Zenith offered in the past.

For more information please visit https://www.zenith-watches.com

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